We Lead, Others Follow!

Clothing Factory has been in the industry since 1981, we are the best industrial uniform manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. We have many years of experience which empowers us to provide the best industrial uniforms for several construction companies and industries. As one of the top 4 uniform manufacturing companies, we keep the comments and suggestions of our client on mind while designing and tailoring their industrial uniform. We design factory uniform in various styles, colors and fabric as per the requirement.

Leading among the top 4 uniform manufacturing companies, with our excellent uniform design and production experience, we assist you to improve quality and increase productivity. Our extensive top-quality industrial uniform manufacturing skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, from design selection, fabric development, sizing, to sample development for your approval, we work with you throughout the uniform design and manufacturing process to ensure we fit into your specific needs.

In this process, we get ideas from client about company’s and job profile, working conditions, safety concerns, and design details. Being the best industrial uniform manufacture, Clothing Factory’s high-quality industrial uniforms are developed using latest manufacturing techniques, and good quality of fabric. We go any length to ensure we deliver best uniforms in fashionable styles that deliver performance, comfort and protection in the harshest working environments.

We Set Our Goal, And We Are Always Bent On Achieving It.

As one of the top 4 uniform manufacturing companies, Clothing Factory’s goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of each one of our clients by offering them excellent customer service, flexibility, and high value uniform design. Clothing Factory aims to build a foundation of values and to be a global leader and best uniform manufacturers.

At Clothing Factory, we make unique uniform designs by blending right concepts, color, methods and fabrics which comes with great comfort and feel. We have years of experience, we still remain the best industrial uniform manufacturer and supplier of uniform to all construction companies and industries in Saudi Arabia, and all over the world.

As the best industrial uniform manufacturing company, our factory uniforms are designed to be fit, aesthetic, and functional while ensuring safety, as we consider the various needs of the personnel working in the factories. We design and manufacture factory uniforms so that the workers are able to wear their factory uniforms, even in the unfavorable situations of the factory.

At Clothing Factory, we have built our workforce to include qualified professionals like experienced designers, quality analysts, research staff, tailors, supervisors, and marketing executives. Our capabilities are virtually endless and include logo embroidery, emblems stripes and complete custom industrial uniform design/manufacturing processes, which has made us one of the top 4 uniform manufacturing companies.

Identity Through Creative And Reliable Industrial Uniform

Clothing Factory is your perfect partner for etching your identity through creative and reliable industrial uniform packages that guarantees unmatched value for your company. We set trends by offering you the bets uniform designs at reasonable prices.

Being the best uniform manufacturer, our overriding principle is a simple one. Staying in the top 4 uniform manufacturing companies position, we provide only the best quality and affordable uniforms, in a socially responsible way, whilst supporting you through exceptional productivity. At Clothing Factory, our key strengths are excellent customer service, on time delivery, discounts for bulk orders, reasonable pricing, accurate sizing and we guarantee your satisfaction. We’ve been able to uphold our position as the best uniform manufacturer and supplier of top-quality uniforms in Saudi Arabia, and worldwide.

With our position as one of the top 4 uniform manufacturing companies, we tend to make a positive, lasting impression in the minds of our current and potential customers. Clothing Factory, being the best uniform manufacturer and supplier in Saudi Arabia, has the technology required to provide your factory/industry workers with the right company apparel required to strengthen your brand image. We embed your logo on the industrial uniforms in the most appealing manner. Your factory workers will function better at their jobs because feeling comfortable along with looking great will help them feel great.