We Have An Extensive Variety Of Hotel & Restaurant Uniforms.

Hospitality Uniform are a very important trait in the market for the clothing. Different departments and duties of employees require special attention as you invest time in selecting and designing work wear for the employees. Clothing Factory do not just design and manufacture best hotel uniforms in the world, we sell outstanding impressions, from doorman guest service team at the front of the house, to several positions at the heart of the house.

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As five-star hotels uniform manufacturers, the importance of our top quality and attractive hospitality uniforms cannot be overemphasized. Our hotel uniform designs are inspired from hotel’s corporate identity and its interior design to reflect great image. We are the best dress uniforms supplier, we are fit for any hospitality uniforms design, manufacturing and supply, our expertise covers reception, food & beverage, kitchen, spa, housekeeping and many more.

As the best hospitality uniform company, we have a variety of best hotel uniforms in the world. Our specific consultation will help focus your needs, budget and time and you will be presented with smart choices that work for the needs in particular.

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We Focus On Recurring Visits From Your Guests

Clothing Factory believes that it is very important to select your preferences and requirements to design the best uniforms in the world. As the best dress uniform supplier and five-star hotel uniforms manufacturers, we know different type of hotels has different needs and objectives, including the creation of a theme, which promotes the brand, the presentation of an image or an improvement in performance.

With our 40 years of experience, Clothing Factory design and manufacture your best uniforms in the world to be definitely a part of the professional competence. We keep in mind the work function of each member of the staff of your hotel before design your best hotel uniform in the world. We design and manufacture your best staff uniforms in the world to put your best image forward while making employee completely functional.

Being the best dress uniforms supplier, we clearly understand the image of your staff hospitality can certainly affect the way your guests feel about their stay. Presentable staff inspires trust, respect, excitement and relaxation. Clothing Factory, being the five-star hotel uniforms manufacturer, works to make things right from the beginning and earn your continued business. We thrive as the best hospitality uniform company in Saudi Arabia. We are designer, manufacturer and supplier of uniforms that ensure a real success.

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We are the best dress supplier to the hospitality industry with the unlimited unique number of styles and designs we do. Our best hotel uniforms in the world yield long-lasting yet fashionable, modern style aesthetic that values comfort while maintaining a sharp look. Your hotel staffs deserve distinctive look, resulting from our dedicated in-house art, design and manufacturing team that is capable of designing and manufacturing best hotel uniforms in the world to enhance the brand identification.

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