Our Aviation Uniform Solution Caters For All Needs.

Clothing Factory is the world’s best aviation uniform supplier. We are the Best supplier of Aviation uniform of commercial, business & private airlines, pilots, and airports around the globe. Our Airline uniform solutions ensure a stylish and professional look along with a perfect fit and comfortable wear.

At Clothing Factory, we develop effective custom airline uniform supply solutions to meet individual client needs. All our products uniforms packages exhibit personalization options, this gives airlines the chance to match their uniform appearance to brand guidelines, goals, colors and identity.

Our extensive range of uniform products comprises of coats, jackets, ties, trousers, shirts, slim-fit pilot shirts, outdoor clothing, hi-visibility wear, socks, thermal underwear, badges and many more. As the best uniform supplier, all our uniform manufacturing is done in house at our factory, so we have full control over your entire order from start to finish making for great turnaround times, and this has helped us to stay above competitors. With a strong partnership with best uniform companies for Uniforms, Clothing Factory strength lies in having a strong customer-based operation and maintaining long term customer relationship by providing the best service.

We Pride On Our Strong Personalized Aviation Uniform Manufacturing Service – We design, We Deliver.

As the best uniform supplier, Clothing Factory understands all airlines are unique, and that they require different solutions –we work with you through the whole process, from design drawings and prototyping to individual fittings and final airline uniform supply.

Uniform fit is everything. Our airline uniform allows the flight team to focus on giving the passengers a pleasant service experience. Leveraging on our cooperation with best uniform companies for our Uniforms in Europe and Asia, our well-versed solutions cater to your needs for a professional look.

Our Experience Has Made Us The Best Aviation Uniform Supplier.

When it comes to providing the best uniform, we have acquired a solid experience in designing, manufacturing of airline uniforms. We focus our uniform production range and process on quality items, not cheap mass-produced goods, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all, we believe in a unique and distinct airline uniform supply.

Clothing Factory understands that most major airlines have their own uniform collection that meets their specific needs and expresses their brand values. We’ve been providing the perfect airline uniform supply for several diverse request since 2007, we have developed an effective approach to enable us to meet the needs of the specialized uniform market.

Today, we deliver our products and services to different airline companies, providing them with the best aviation uniforms and accessories for their employees at all levels. Our exceptional product quality has been appreciated by many institutions. We are proud to have established long-term cooperation with over16 different institutions from all around the world.

Every year, we manufacture approx. 2,000,000 pairs of trousers, 1,250,000 coats and jackets and 2,500,000 shirts, so there is no doubt that our staff have vast professional experience. Our airline aviation supply process is results-driven, we have proven track of success in serving local and international airline, our expertise has been confirmed by various certificates and awards we have won.

At Clothing Factory, we only do uniforms supply that reflects quality and modern style. We provide everything that will help you have a complete look. We ensure your staffs get a very stylish, yet a professional look. Our airline aviation uniforms provide the best fit and are comfortable to wear all day long. Cloth Factory understands clients’ brand, image, goals, and then create aviation uniforms that match brand identity.