Dynamico.Pills for potency, recommendations and contraindications

Dynamico.Pills for potency, recommendations and contraindications


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    Dynamico.Pills for potency, recommendations and contraindications

    Gaining popularity drug for potency "dynamico".This is an analogue of Viagra, which means that the mechanisms of action are similar. It has indications and contraindications.

    They are not categorical contraindications, but require constant monitoring during the period of taking the stimulant:

    ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract generic levitra (especially during an exacerbation);


    low hemoglobin level;

    congenital or acquired due to trauma, deformation of the genital organ:

    violation of the functionality of the central nervous system;


    age 60+:

    kidney failure;

    regular intake of drugs containing enzymes (liver and gastric);

    When using pills to increase potency, a man must comply with a number of conditions:

    do not use “Dynamiko” simultaneously with other medicines for the treatment of impotence;

    exclude alcohol during the course of treatment or with a single use of tablets. Direct interaction with alcohol is not observed, but ethanol greatly increases the load on the heart muscle, and sildenafil is contraindicated in unstable heart function;

    follow a healthy diet. Limit fatty and fried foods, sugar and salt;

    in case of manifestation of side effects from a neuropsychological state, refuse to drive a car.

    Important: It is strictly forbidden to increase the prescribed dose of the drugs! This will not help to enhance the effect, and the risk of side effects will increase several tadalafil price times.!

    Instructions for use

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    The dosage of the drug to increase potency is determined by the doctor. Once, usually, one tablet containing 25 or 50 mg of sildenafil is prescribed.

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    The maximum single dose is 100 mg. Taking into account the dynamics of the effective effect of the drug on a man, as well as individual tolerance, the dosage can be reduced or increased.

    For maximum results, “Dynamic” is recommended to be taken 45-60 minutes before sexual intimacy. But, not while eating, since the therapeutic effect will, in this case, be of a delayed nature..

    The age category of men should not start forced intake of a stimulant. The first tablet should be 25 mg. Further therapy is determined by the patient’s state of health.

    Dynamico.Pills for potency, recommendations and contraindications

    For men with kidney disease, there is no need to adjust the dose in the mild stage. In the middle and severe phase of the disease, the initial dosage should be minimal..

    Two or three times the use of the drug in one day may be unsafe for health.

    It is recommended to drink the medicine with clean non-carbonated water..

    Side effects and overdose

    The drug belongs to fairly strong and aggressive drugs, therefore it has a large number of undesirable manifestations during the period of therapy levitra generic 40 mg. The overall incidence of side effects is about 10%. The following reactions from various systems and organs of the male body are possible:

    digestive organs. Difficult or painful digestion, nausea, upset stool, dry mouth;

    central nervous system. Attacks of dizziness, pain in the temporal region, lethargy and drowsiness, impaired cerebral circulation. Rarely – fainting, convulsions, stroke;

    sense organs. Vision: violation of varying degrees of color perception, deterioration in the clarity of the picture, lacrimation, redness of the eye proteins, blockage of retinal vessels, pain in the eyes. Hearing: ringing in the ears, rarely – acoustic neuroma;

    respiratory system. Sinus congestion, sometimes nosebleeds, chest pains;

    heart and blood-vessels. Increased heart rate, pressure surges, sudden onset of heat in the facial area or limbs, heart attack (rarely);

    allergic manifestations on the epidermis. Itching, reddish rashes, exudative erythema, dermatitis kamagra oral jelly effets secondaries;

    urinary system. Prolonged erection, not associated with sexual arousal, and accompanied by painful sensations (often occurs from an incorrectly selected dose of medication);

    Important: In the event of a systematic general malaise or the manifestation of the listed symptoms during therapy, it is necessary to additionally visit a doctor to find out the effect of “Dynamiko” on the body of a particular man. The doctor will choose another drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or change the dosage.

    The tablets do not interact and do not reduce their activity when diuretics, tranquilizers and antidepressants are used together, antibiotics: Sumamed and Azithromycin (combination tadalafil 20mg with other antibacterial drugs requires additional consultation with a doctor), medications for the treatment of hypertension


    If the recommended dose is exceeded (usually over 600 mg), side effects may be acute. The most common are:

    pain in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, indigestion, diarrhea;

    dizziness, tinnitus;

    attacks of sudden heat of the face;

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    impaired coordination and vision;

    increased heart rate.

    It is necessary to stop an overdose using local therapy methods. That is, to eliminate the manifestations according to the symptoms. General detoxification of the body (hemodialysis, hemosorption) in this case will not give results.

    Price and analogues

    The cost of “Dynamico” varies depending on the contents of the package. On average, the cialis generic 2018 price interval is 200-300 rubles.

    25 mg 1 tablet – about 300 rubles.

    100 mg 1 tablet – approximately 500 rubles.

    50 mg 4 tablets – 700 rubles.

    100 mg 4 tablets – 950 rubles.

    Comparative table of prices of analogues “Dynamiko”

    Important: Regardless of the chosen main drug “Viagra” or generic “Dynamiko”, a doctor’s consultation is required.


    On Internet forums dedicated to the topic of erectile dysfunction, most reviews of the stimulant are positive. According to surveys, a positive effect of the inhibitor is noted in 90% of cases of its use. Side effects, and the speed of impact on the body – individual concepts.

    Problems with potency overtook after 50 years. There was no more regular sex with his wife. We have been married for more than 20 years, and this side of life has long receded into the background. But I didn’t tadalafil 5mg‘t have any bugs either.

    Levitra side effects was beating at a frantic pace, and dry mouth haunted for a couple of days. There are other remedies that do not cause discomfort.

    I work as a truck driver, in my youth I did not disdain girls on the track, as I got older I began to refrain from such adventures. As a result, the untrained “buddy” began to falter. A friend advised me to use “Dynamico”, he praised that he himself accepts. The medicine helped, but the erection lasted more than five hours. It even hurts. Maybe I made a mistake with the dosage. I took two 50 mg tablets at once. I won’t risk it again.

    After half a year spent in the levitra for ed hospital (respectively, without sex), the sexual intercourse became so short that a break in relations with the girl was ripe Thanks to “Dynamic”, the process was adjusted to 100%. The re-enactment lasts for about an hour. There are no side effects that the instructions warn about. We are satisfied and happy.

    I do not advise you to get involved in such drugs, stuffed with different chemistry. A stormy night after taking the pills, of course, will be provided to you. But in the morning, the head, like a good hangover, hurts, and does not understand anything. It is better to rely on proven folk remedies, sports and fresh air.